Australian High School English: Years 7 - 9

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4-Week Online Course (16 hours)

This course provides Australian High School Students with the reading, writing, grammar, spelling and punctuation skills that are essential for success in Years 7 - 9.

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About the course

Taught by a highly experienced English teacher, students will rapidly improve their language skills by gaining a deeper awareness of how language is used and meaning is created in a variety of text types.

Teaching method

This course includes a comprehensive collection of videos, exercise files, strategy reference sheets, quizzes and writing activities. The professional online tutor provides help and guidance every Tuesday.


This course is designed for students from Years 7 - 9 in Australian High Schools who need extra assistance with their English language skills.

Course topics

1. Reading Strategies
2. Reading for Meaning
3. Vocabulary & Spelling
4. Grammar & Punctuation
5. Narrative Planning
6. Narrative Writing
7. Persuasive Planning
8. Persuasive Writing
9. Additional Practice

Where will the learning take place?

When you join this course, you will gain access to Englishtec’s easy-to-use online learning management system for a period of 4 weeks.

How long does the course go for?

Each lesson in the course takes approximately 1.5 hours. There are 8 lessons in the course so in total the course takes approximately 12 hours to complete.

Are there extra materials available?

Absolutely. There is whole section on additional practice materials, so students can spend more hours watching videos and completing activities to help them improve their weaknesses.

What technology do I need to complete this course?

Students need a computer, access to the internet with a connection fast enough to be able to play short online videos.

Who designed the course?

The course was designed by professional Instructional Designers with considerable experience developing programs at higher education colleges, including Australian universities. The design follows the principles of engaging, self-paced learning.

Is this like traditional tutoring?

Not exactly. For traditional tutoring services, students usually meet with the tutor in person and spend time working on areas to improve together. In this course, students still get the same information from the tutors, however the student is in control because of the ability to replay video information as many times as required. When students are ready to test themselves, they can receive feedback from quizzes and personalised feedback on up to four writing essays.

How does this compare to classroom English learning?

Teaching English in classroom settings can be challenging because of the additional teacher responsibilities of classroom management, teaching to a wide range of abilities, lesson preparation and reporting. These issues don’t exist for our online tutors so 100% of the time is focussed on helping students to improve.

Which learning style does this course suit?

The course includes lesson input using video, audio, text and images. The variety of language input is designed to meet the needs of learners with various learning style preferences.

Can a parent be involved in this online course?

Certainly. In fact, this course is a great way for parents to understand the structure of the NAPLAN test and see how challenging it can be for students. Parents are able to sit with the children as they work through the materials, and see for themselves the areas in which their child is struggling.

What skill areas are taught in this course?

Essentially, this course focuses on the skills of reading comprehension, grammar, spelling, punctuation, planning and writing narratives, as well as planning and writing persuasive essays. Within each of these areas there are multiple activities that provide opportunities to practise and improve. See the Learning Outcomes table for detailed information.

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