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Get prepared to study at colleges and universities around the world with essential Academic skills.

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How the Academy Pathway Course Will Help You

Choose Major

There are many options when it comes to course choice, study mode and location. Find out the best questions for you.

Critical Thinking

Learn how to engage in online and face-to-face discussions and use evidence to support your arguments. 

Understand Assessments

Learn about common assessment types including essays, reports, reflections, portfolios and literature reviews.

Academic Research

Learn about academic researching and referencing skills which are essential for success at college or university.

Academic Participation

Build confidence by learning practical language for college and university life for social and academic settings.

Presentation English

Learn the best ways to give an academic presentation using language and set phrases that can be used often. 

The Academic Pathway Course is 100% online

This video-based training is designed to build your confidence for academic situations. There are also materials and frameworks that you can download and use so that you can maximise your potential at college or university.


This is for you if...

  • You are serious about improving your English
  • You wish to help others
  • You are a goal setter
  • You have intermediate English skills or above
  • You are committed to self-improvement
  • You are planning to study a course that requires English


This is NOT for you if...

  • You are not committed to improving yourself
  • You do not like to focus
  • You have low level English skills
  • You do not like helping other people
  • You expect things to be easy
  • You are not looking to get a course that requires English

Academic Study Is Challenging...Make Sure You Are Prepared

It can be lonely when you first enter college. You might feel unsure when you don't know what to do. There are so many things on the internet, but nothing seems to help.

These difficulties are all part of the journey. It won't be easy and success is not always possible.

However, the chance of success will be increased when you can get the best information and support.

The Academic Pathway Course is a safe place where you can connect with professional English teachers on a deeper level and set your own paths and goals.

Matt McGinniss, Englishtec Founder (Australia)

"The Academy Pathway Course is much more than a place to learn Academic and English skills. This is a place to build your confidence so you can pass all your units at college or university which will save you time and money."

Why is there an application process for the Academy Pathway Course?

We do not accept everyone into the Academy Pathway Course. This is because the online environment is a place where students sometimes lack commitment.

If you are interested in making a real effort to improve your skills, and you have at least Intermediate level English, please complete the form by clicking 'Apply Now'.

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