IELTS Speaking Task 2 - Example Answer

Oct 26, 2020

IELTS Speaking Part 2  

Here's an example question that came from a real IELTS test recently. 

 It's always good to use your 1 minute preparation time to underline key words and take notes. 

Below is the actual answer.  

Talk about a place where you got lost recently.

About a year ago I got lost on the way to my cousin’s new house.

Tom had just moved in and he was having a lunch for about twenty people, including some of his friends from college, as well as family members like myself. It was my first time traveling there by car and it was in a new part of the city that I didn’t know very well.  


How did you feel when you were lost?

To be honest, I felt a bit confused. I thought I knew the way, but actually, that wasn’t correct. My cousin had written down instructions for me to follow, so I thought I knew the way. However, I didn’t follow the directions well enough because I was driving at the time.

Not only was I...

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Healthcare English Course Helps Students Build Speaking Confidence

Oct 19, 2020

Englishtec, in partnership with MyFlex Health, is offering the Vocational English Healthcare Services course.

The focus of the course is to help non-native English speakers improve their confidence with English speaking and listening, especially with elderly clients in residential care facilities, as well as community care settings.

The pilot program ran in July and August 2020 with an initial cohort of 6 students. The training combined eLearning components with the live teaching environment. The benefit of the online resources was the pronunciation practice and drilling that the students could access anytime.

According to Manjeet Kaur, one of the first students to take the course, “the best part of this course was it gave me confidence with English. Now I'll be happy to speak English when I take my workplace placement next month”.

Following a review of the course, the program has been approved by MyFlex and will now be rolled out to more international students who need...

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Virtual English Academy - Now Online

Aug 03, 2020

We have big news at Englishtec. It's the opening of the Virtual English Academy (VEA).

Thanks to the 36 Founding Members who have signed up for the Virtual English Academy so far. This is a place where members can get ongoing support with English skills for General English, Exam Preparation, Academic English and Workplace English.

For more information about the VEA, have a look at the following link:

In August 2020, the VEA is in trial mode. This is a time when we are working with the Founding Members to get clear on what members want and how information should be delivered.

In September 2020, we shall launch the full version of the membership. Note, the membership will only be open for application for a limited time. After that, we will be spending time helping our members get the best possible results in English.

For more info on VEA, please contact [email protected]

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7 Ways of Learning English in 2020

Jul 06, 2020

In 2020 there are new ways of socializing, new ways of working and of course new ways of learning.

Learning English is no different. While students have traditionally been attending live classrooms, surrounded by teachers and classmates in real life, there are clear advantages of learning online.

In 2020, these advantages have become even more important. Here are 7 ways of learning English that are bringing the online world to life.


1. Live Training Online

Live training of 60 - 90 minutes on a specific topic is emerging as a growth area in 2020. For some learners, there is one specific English skill that needs to be improved, rather than a whole course that may take too long to complete.

The advantage of online Live training is that everyone is clear on the purpose of the session and they are working together towards one goal. The sessions are often conducted in a workshop style, meaning that at the end of the session the audience can feel like they have created a new piece...

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IELTS Writing task 2 – The 3-Minute Plan

Jun 10, 2020

Because of the limited time available in the IELTS writing test, some students make the mistake of rushing into their Task 2 essay without thinking about it sufficiently.

The result can be a poorly organised essay or an essay which does not answer the question given in the task. This can lead to a low score in the Coherence and Cohesion or Task Achievement criteria when the examiners read your essay.

Invest a little time in planning your essay. The rewards from your investment will be significant! 3 minutes’ planning + 37 minutes’ writing will always lead to a much better essay than 40 minutes of writing without preparation.

When you plan, briefly write down the key points you wish to include in each body paragraph and the order you want to present them, after some thinking of course! Don’t write full sentences, just keywords. Focus on the body paragraphs, not the introduction and conclusion.

The best way to practice this is to look at several Task 2 topics and...

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5 Tips for Learning English

May 14, 2020

English is very useful in the modern world. This is because English is the language is used by billions of people when they need to communicate and find information for work and entertainment. Here are some tips for learning good English.

Tip 1 – Use English for work and study

These days, there are so many opportunities to learn English because most people have access to the internet at work or study. Therefore, if you are serious about learning English, you should use the internet every day to look up new information in English. Try not to find information in your own language. Instead, do a search using keywords in English. This will help you to read information and start thinking in English.

Tip 2 – Find partners for speaking practise

Many people say that they do not have the chance to speak English. If many people are thinking this, then it means you just have to find a partner to practise speaking with. Your partner does not need to be a native English speaker....

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Speaking with the AREC Strategy

Oct 08, 2019

Extend your speaking answers

It’s essential in all parts of the speaking test that you don’t just give short answers. Part of demonstrating your English ability is to speak extensively on a variety of topics.  Even if you don’t know much about or don’t like a particular topic, you must try to speak about it in some detail. 

One strategy you can use is to always give a reason for what you are saying. Compare the following two responses:

  1. ‘No, I don’t really like movies. I don’t watch them much at all anymore.’
  2. ‘No, I’m afraid I don’t like really like movies. I don’t watch them much at all anymore because I find that the stories and the themes are very predictable these days. They have been repeated so often that there is no longer anything new or exciting in movies. So, I actually get quite bored watching films.’

Giving reasons forms part of a wider strategy to help you extend your answers, which...

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking your IELTS Test

Sep 26, 2019

When the time comes to take the IELTS test, you will probably ask yourself a very important question: “Am I ready to take the IELTS test?”

Am I ready for IELTS is a crucial question, because if you are not ready, you will pay hundreds of dollars or pounds for the official IELTS test that does not provide you with any feedback on your English language mistakes. Sure, taking the IELTS test will give you an idea of how the IELTS test works. But most importantly, if you’re going to invest money, time and effort in taking the test, you must be prepared with your best English and an understanding of the test strategies, in order to avoid disappointment.

If you think you are ready, think again because you need to answer some more questions. Here are the 8  Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking your IELTS in 2019.


1. What is my English level?

If you speak English in your daily life, or if you’ve studied a formal English course before, you...

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Getting Ready IELTS Reading

Sep 09, 2019

The reading section of the test takes about 60 minutes to complete, including transfer time. The structure of the test is different for the Academic and General versions of the exam.

The IELTS reading test is a race against the clock.  With 60 minutes to read 5 passages and answer 40 questions about them, you must work fast.  You have approximately one-and-a-half minutes per question.  The biggest problem that candidates face is not having enough time to finish the reading completely.

The key to success is to develop fast reading skills, including skimming (to understand the main idea), scanning (to find the location of the answer) and detailed reading (to understand the information well enough to answer the question correctly).

If you were taught in school to read every text slowly and carefully until you understand every word, you must break this habit!

Do not start by reading the whole text. This will waste valuable time. Instead, you should start by ...

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IELTS vs TOEFL - The Verdict

Aug 26, 2019

At Englishtec, we are often asked about the differences between the IELTS vs TOEFL test, and which one is better or easier to take. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, the following information will be helpful.



The IELTS test was developed in Britain, while the TOEFL test originated in the USA. Therefore, this influences other factors, such as who accepts the results and the type of English used in each test.

Both tests are designed by experts and supported by rigorous research and trialling to ensure their validity.


Who accepts IELTS and TOEFL?



Both tests are accepted as evidence of English language proficiency by more than 9,000 universities and educational institutions in over 130 countries around the world.

In general, TOEFL is more widely accepted in the USA and Canada, whereas IELTS is more commonly accepted in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

As a consequence, many institutions accept both tests, but some do not. Always...

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