7 Ways of Learning English in 2020

In 2020 there are new ways of socializing, new ways of working and of course new ways of learning.

Learning English is no different. While students have traditionally been attending live classrooms, surrounded by teachers and classmates in real life, there are clear advantages of learning online.

In 2020, these advantages have become even more important. Here are 7 ways of learning English that are bringing the online world to life.


1. Live Training Online

Live training of 60 - 90 minutes on a specific topic is emerging as a growth area in 2020. For some learners, there is one specific English skill that needs to be improved, rather than a whole course that may take too long to complete.

The advantage of online Live training is that everyone is clear on the purpose of the session and they are working together towards one goal. The sessions are often conducted in a workshop style, meaning that at the end of the session the audience can feel like they have created a new piece of work or have mastered a new skill.


2. Virtual Summits

A virtual summit is a live online event that occurs over a single day, or over a period of 2 - 5 days. Just like a real-world conference, the virtual summit brings together experts who can speak on topics of interest to a large audience.

Clearly, the advantage for the virtual summit audience is that they can access the range of speakers from their mobile device or desktop computer, instead of having to join a large and expensive real-world event.


3. Private Membership Areas

Membership areas are becoming very popular in 2020. Some people say this is because of the real-world connection that has been lost due to the COVID 19 pandemic. This means people are wanting to connect with others more than ever!

For education, the benefits of online memberships are becoming clearer. When members can connect, communicate and enjoy monthly content together, the sense of community and shared wins becomes very powerful.


4. Online Courses

Online courses have been around for years, but in 2020 they have gone to a whole new level. The number of online courses available is staggering. Learners can log in 24/7 and learn a specific skill in a set period of time.

With video lessons, online courses provide the benefit of helping the learner to watch and re-watch lessons. For language learners, this can clearly lead to better results.


5. Blended Courses

For those lucky enough to be able to attend live classroom sessions, the blended course experience can be a real winner. A blended course uses a mix of live classroom and an online learning environment.

For English learning, a blended course will often include online quizzes and videos of key concepts, as well as regularly scheduled sessions that allow students to get to know each other in the real world.


6. Self-Learning on YouTube

Everyone knows there's a ton of English learning content on YouTube. There are plenty of videos that can help you understand an important grammar point or essay structure.

The disadvantage of self-learning on YouTube is that the information can be inconsistent or just plain wrong. 


7. Facebook Groups

Some Facebook groups have hundreds of thousands of members and provide a constant stream of games, language points and comments.

While many people enjoy learning this way, there can be difficulties getting a clear and consistent methods and structure to the learning. Similar to self-learning on YouTube, it's vital that learners are careful about their approach to learning and the advice they receive through Facebook groups.


There's no doubt the popularity of online learning is growing quickly. In fact, according to recent research by Global Market Insights Inc, the size of the eLearning market is predicted to reach over USD 375 billion by 2026.

Make sure you are part of this trend, so you can benefit from the many advantages of learning in a way that suits you.  




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