IELTS Speaking Task 2 - Example Answer


IELTS Speaking Part 2  

Here's an example question that came from a real IELTS test recently. 

 It's always good to use your 1 minute preparation time to underline key words and take notes. 

Below is the actual answer.  

Talk about a place where you got lost recently.

About a year ago I got lost on the way to my cousin’s new house.

Tom had just moved in and he was having a lunch for about twenty people, including some of his friends from college, as well as family members like myself. It was my first time traveling there by car and it was in a new part of the city that I didn’t know very well.  


How did you feel when you were lost?

To be honest, I felt a bit confused. I thought I knew the way, but actually, that wasn’t correct. My cousin had written down instructions for me to follow, so I thought I knew the way. However, I didn’t follow the directions well enough because I was driving at the time.

Not only was I was confused, I was also feeling a bit stressed because I knew I was going to be late for the lunch. I know this was an important occasion for Tom, so I didn’t want to get there too late and embarrass myself in front of his friends.


Who led you the right way?

When knew I was lost for sure I called Tom on his mobile phone and asked him for directions. He could probably tell that I was a bit stressed from the tone of my voice, and he told me not to worry. He slowly went through the directions and I was able to get to the place easily, once I knew how to get to the local shopping centre that was only a few minutes from his place.


Have you been to this place again?

Yes, I’ve been back every few months to hang out with Tom and I always remember the first time when I got confused. It makes me laugh now because it’s actually pretty easy to get there.


What are three things to keep in mind when going to a new place?

I’d say the three things to keep in mind are firstly time of day. In other words, is it a time when there will be lots of traffic on the road? Secondly, the weather is important. If it’s raining and stormy, you must allow for more time because there will most likely be delays. Finally, you need to consider deadlines. In other words, is there a time you must be there by. If there’s a clear deadline, you’ll need to leave early so you can easily make it in time.

For example, last week, I went to the city early in the morning and there was heavy traffic because o of the time of day. However, I wasn’t late because I had left myself extra time. If it had have been stormy weather though, I probably would have missed my deadline.



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