IELTS Writing task 2 – The 3-Minute Plan


Because of the limited time available in the IELTS writing test, some students make the mistake of rushing into their Task 2 essay without thinking about it sufficiently.

The result can be a poorly organised essay or an essay which does not answer the question given in the task. This can lead to a low score in the Coherence and Cohesion or Task Achievement criteria when the examiners read your essay.

Invest a little time in planning your essay. The rewards from your investment will be significant! 3 minutes’ planning + 37 minutes’ writing will always lead to a much better essay than 40 minutes of writing without preparation.

When you plan, briefly write down the key points you wish to include in each body paragraph and the order you want to present them, after some thinking of course! Don’t write full sentences, just keywords. Focus on the body paragraphs, not the introduction and conclusion.

The best way to practice this is to look at several Task 2 topics and give yourself 3 minutes to plan each one. Then go back later and write the full essay for one of them.


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