Healthcare English Course Helps Students Build Speaking Confidence

Englishtec, in partnership with MyFlex Health, is offering the Vocational English Healthcare Services course.

The focus of the course is to help non-native English speakers improve their confidence with English speaking and listening, especially with elderly clients in residential care facilities, as well as community care settings.

The pilot program ran in July and August 2020 with an initial cohort of 6 students. The training combined eLearning components with the live teaching environment. The benefit of the online resources was the pronunciation practice and drilling that the students could access anytime.

According to Manjeet Kaur, one of the first students to take the course, “the best part of this course was it gave me confidence with English. Now I'll be happy to speak English when I take my workplace placement next month”.

Following a review of the course, the program has been approved by MyFlex and will now be rolled out to more international students who need to improve their English skills.



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