Virtual English Academy - Now Online

We have big news at Englishtec. It's the opening of the Virtual English Academy (VEA).

Thanks to the 36 Founding Members who have signed up for the Virtual English Academy so far. This is a place where members can get ongoing support with English skills for General English, Exam Preparation, Academic English and Workplace English.

For more information about the VEA, have a look at the following link:

In August 2020, the VEA is in trial mode. This is a time when we are working with the Founding Members to get clear on what members want and how information should be delivered.

In September 2020, we shall launch the full version of the membership. Note, the membership will only be open for application for a limited time. After that, we will be spending time helping our members get the best possible results in English.

For more info on VEA, please contact [email protected]


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