7 Ways of Learning English in 2020

Jul 06, 2020

In 2020 there are new ways of socializing, new ways of working and of course new ways of learning.

Learning English is no different. While students have traditionally been attending live classrooms, surrounded by teachers and classmates in real life, there are clear advantages of learning online.

In 2020, these advantages have become even more important. Here are 7 ways of learning English that are bringing the online world to life.


1. Live Training Online

Live training of 60 - 90 minutes on a specific topic is emerging as a growth area in 2020. For some learners, there is one specific English skill that needs to be improved, rather than a whole course that may take too long to complete.

The advantage of online Live training is that everyone is clear on the purpose of the session and they are working together towards one goal. The sessions are often conducted in a workshop style, meaning that at the end of the session the audience can feel like they have created a new piece...

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