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IELTS 101 Strategies for Success - Academic

Quickly build your understanding of the key strategies and language skills required for IELTS

You will get this 158 page eBook that can be printed or accessed via your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The content includes the following:

  • Strategies 1 - 4 Getting Ready for IELTS

  • Strategies 5 - 30 Listening

  • Strategies 31 - 52 Reading

  • Strategies 53 - 81 Writing

  • Strategies 82 - 101 Speaking

So why are we so certain that strategies are vital for IELTS?

Because, quite simply, the IELTS test is predictable.

That’s right. The IELTS test format is always the same.

This is great news because it means you can be very successful on the test if you know HOW to answer the questions.

101 IELTS Strategies for Success - Academic is not an English teaching book, even though you may build valuable English language skills along the way. It is a strategy book. A book that will help you understand the types of questions you will find on the IELTS and how to answer them.

This book may also be used as a reference book. In other words, you can refer to this book whenever you are not sure about how to answer a particular IELTS question type. You do not have to read this book in order (although it would be useful to try and read the whole book as you prepare).

We know IELTS can be a challenging test, but we also know that many thousands of students succeed each year in getting the score they need. It takes patience, practice and right approach.

And yes, YOU can do it too...

We wish you all the best for your IELTS journey!

Matt McGinniss & Matt Cudmore (Authors)

What People Are Saying:

“This information allows you to understand what you need to do on the test. The most important thing is that you understand the expectations of the test. For example, by analysing the marking keys, you know exactly what is required.”

Ankit Padiyar, India