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Join other English learners as you progress along a success path to higher levels of English.

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How the Academy Will Help You

Your English skills will improve

Every English learner has a skill that needs improvement. It might be speaking, reading, writing or listening. Or it could be vocabulary or grammar. We help you find the exact resources you need to quickly help you improve. 

Inside the Virtual English Academy you can find help with these language skills. We know how to help, because we are English teachers with many years experience!

Your English types will improve

You need different types of language for different situations. When you are using English for common daily situations, you need General English. In contrast, when you are studying for IELTS you need language and strategies for that test.

After you have passed IELTS, you may need Academic English for college. When you have a job you will need Workplace English. Don't worry, we have you covered!

Where are you on your English Success Path?

The Virtual English Academy helps you move along your English Success Path. As you complete more activities you can move closer to your final English goal.

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This is for you if...

  • You are serious about improving your English
  • You wish to help others
  • You are a goal setter
  • You have elementary English skills or above
  • You are committed to self-improvement
  • You are planning to get a job that requires English


This is NOT for you if...

  • You are not committed to improving yourself
  • You do not like to focus
  • You have beginner level English skills
  • You do not like helping other people
  • You expect things to be easy
  • You are not looking to get a job that requires English
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Inside the Virtual English Academy

High School English

Get the core English skills including creative writing, persuasive writing and language conventions such as punctuation, spelling and grammar.

General English

Improve English for common daily situations, with a focus on everyday vocabulary, speaking, listening, and verb tenses.

IELTS English

Get the IELTS test skills and strategies to get the score you need. Includes information for General and Academic IELTS.

Academic English

Academic reading, writing, researching and referencing skills are essential for success for online or face-to-face college courses.

Workplace English

Build confidence by learning practical language for workplace email and report writing as well as speaking and presenting information.

Speaking English

Practise speaking with other Academy members in live sessions by using common role-play and discussion frameworks.

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This is a great deal!

  • 24/7 Access All Six Topic Areas
  • Academy Member Chat
  • New Monthly Content & Challenges
  • Templates & Frameworks for Common English Writing
  • Bonus English Skills eBooks & Materials

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Most Popular

  • Everything In Silver, Plus...
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus IELTS Target 7 Course Access
  • Personalized Feedback on 1 Writing Task Per Month
  • Personalized Feedback on Speaking Pronunciation
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Get the best results!

  • Everything in Gold, plus...
  • Personalized Success Path
  • World-Class English Skills Software With Education Perfect
  • Monthly 15-Minute Individual Coaching Call with Teacher
  • Personalized Feedback on 3 Writing Tasks Per Month
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Get Access to the Premium Online Course - IELTS Target 7

Join as a Fast-Track or Pro Member and receive 3-months access to our flagship IELTS online course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learning English Is Hard...Don't Do It Alone

It can be lonely when you learn a language. You might feel unsure when you don't know what to do. There are so many things on the internet, but nothing seems to help.

These difficulties are all part of the journey. It won't be easy and success is not always possible.

However, the chance of success will be increased when you can get the best information and support.

The Virtual English Academy is a safe place where you can connect with professional English teachers on a deeper level and set your own paths and goals.

Why is there an application process for the Virtual English Academy?

We do not accept everyone into the Academy. This is because the online environment is a place where students often lack commitment.

If you are interested in making a real effort to improve your skills, and you have at least Elementary level English, please complete the form by clicking 'Apply Now'.

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Matt McGinniss, Englishtec Founder (Australia)

"Virtual English Academy is much more than a place to learn English skills. This is a place to connect with other people and get ready for success in life."